Topluluk Sitemiz Test Aşamasında

Hello Dear Radio Amateurs

Many years ago, I had prepared a simple and online managed callbook site for amateur radio users to use, this first site served for many years through url. This site used to exist on facebook. Then I moved this site to url and for a long time the site continued to broadcast over this name. More than 2 thousand worldwide radio amateurs have registered and used this site, but I had a dream to operate this callbook site as a community site. Because I was in the opinion that general channels like facebook did not appeal to us radio amateurs.

About three years ago, with an update to the server, the old callbook site has become inoperable because the codes I wrote have become inoperable by the php engines that came with the new update. In fact, I could make this site work again with a few refreshes, but my dream of this community site prevented it. If I run the site again, I might not need to make the community site.

I could not complete any new coding, even from time to time, sometimes even the frustration and cooling in amateur radio has prevented this. Over time, this enthusiasm triggered me again, and I opened this site for testing purposes, with the idea that I could find and modify a ready-made software in that I could not spare time to write code.

I wanted to test this site with your dear friends and decide together. If you need this site and it is intended to be used, I will try to keep the site alive if I can develop sponsored links that can meet the operating expenses of the site over time.

Notes on usage:


  • For the time being, I haven’t turned on image sharing on file upload during the testing phase. This is because it requires large server space. We can activate this according to the usage of the site and sponsor links over time. However, you can share the images hosted on other sites as URLs and share them as ready-made gif animations.

  • URLs of Videos and Sounds to youtube etc. You can also share videos from channels such as video and via the channel type option.

Yours truly

73 TA3NHI;



İbrahim ÜRÜKER 1975 Bursa Doğumluyum, Amatör Telsizciliğe TA3CGF çağrı işaretim ile 1993 yılında başladım. Daha sonra çağrı işaretim yönetmelik ve ikamet değişiklikleri doğrultusunda TB2NHI ve en son TA3NHI olarak değişti. Elektronik ve özellikle haberleşme teknikleri üzerine ilgim beni Amatör Telsizciliğe son derece ilgili hale getirmiştir. Yazılım Geliştirici mesleğimi Amatör Telsizciliğe nasıl fayda sağlarım düstüru ile bir çok projeye el attım. Son zamanlarda DMR çok hoşuma giden bir teknoloji ve çalışmalarıma bu yönde devam ediyorum. Saygılarımla TA3NHI 73

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