The Easiest Way to Learn Morse

The use of this scheme is as follows

You can have a pen or a finger with something attached to you, we put it in the empty spot at the top of the chart.
Then we start listening to the signal. We reduce the pen to a lower level according to the length of the signal.
In short signals first down then left,
In long signals, we move down first and then to the right.

So we can always find the letter we want by going to the left in short signals and going to the right in long signals.

For example . Let’s examine the signal (short, long). When we put the pen in the empty space at the top, we bring the pen to the letter “E” when a short signal comes. Because we always move to the left in short signals. Since there is a long signal afterwards, this time we move the pen to the right, that is, the letter “A”. Since our signal is a short and long, we stop here and find our letter. Afterwards, we can write down a note so as not to forget. In this way, you can easily find letters in morse code.

Mors Alfabesi Şeması


Aside from these, Google has also created a website to make the learning process of Morse code more fun. With this website, Google claims that it can teach you Morse code in as little as an hour. The use and implementation of the site is quite simple. You can definitely try it. You just need to be patient and complete the application.

You can access the website prepared by Google here.

You can access the images he uses here.

As you can see in the image below, Google has compared each letter with an object. Thus, it aimed to make it more permanent in your mind. I like it very much. I even tried, but because I know, I left it after a certain time.




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