Solar Data & Propagation Table
Solar Flux 69 Current Solar Image
Sun Spots 0
A Index 3
K Index 0
X-Ray A1.0
Helium Emission 91.8
Proton Flux NoRpt
Electron Flux NoRpt
Solar Wind 282.8
Magnetic Field -0.2
HF Conditions
Band Day Night
80-40m Good Good
30-20m Poor Poor
17-15m Poor Poor
12-10m Poor Poor
VHF Conditions
Band Status
Aura Band Closed
6m EsEU Band Closed
4m EsEU Band Closed
2m EsEu Band Closed
2m EsNA Band Closed
Geomag Field INACTIVE
Signal Noise Lvl S0-S1
MUF US Boulder 9.30
Muf Factor 2.70
Data Source:N0NBH Special thanks to Paul L Herrman
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